Mushroom Incense Burner
Mushroom Incense Burner
Handsel Mondays

Mushroom Incense Burner

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Thrown with stoneware clay and carved with holes on top and in the gills for air flow and for light casting for use with candles (I recommend false candles because they get bonkers hot to the touch with real ones). Separate dish base.

Neutral colored with a speckled white glaze with a dusting of brown glaze. Comes with a dish that's been painted green. And the bottom of the dishes work as match strikes, which is pretty cool!

These are stupidly cute and really amazing with incense cones. Mushrooms are ~3.5 inches tall.

Each item is microwave, dishwasher, and of course food safe! I do my best to use recycled materials in shipping to cut down on waste for the benefit of the planet!

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